Scatter Cushions looks great yet in budget

The new house has been decorated but are you still finding something missing to give it a complete look? A home has many bedrooms and also the living room where the guest visitor will be sitting on your sofas. The sofas without cushions just look so inappropriate and lose its comfort offering features. Get the right number of scatter cushions which can fit in any place even your bedroom on your bed, on the chairs, tables, etc in the right numbers without overcrowding and giving the right soft, casual and relaxed ambience required.

The outstanding cushion designs and padding

There are many cushion cover designs available in these days, with both modern and traditional designs of high appeal. Some of these just please the eyes in the first instance. These are manufactured by top fabric brands, some of which offered at affordable rates to easily fit in a constrained budget. Do not buy scatter cushions which are out of fashion. Filter such options out of your list. The cushion padding must also be checked to get the right softness and the feel. After a hard day’s work, when you return home and require resting your back peacefully on the sofa, the quality of cushion padding will be important that time.


In bedrooms, the soft cushions lying on the bed offer an invitation to a warm and cozy, peaceful sleep and also at the same time adorn the bed and embellish the bedroom. The beautiful designs in the cushions must have colors and hues which have some relation to with color of the room, the curtain colors and so on. The interior decorators can also give good ideas to get good cushion designs which do not look vague and distort the beauty of the house. Some do it yourself décor and cushion selection tips are also available in case you are thinking of selecting on your own.

Fit in the expenses budget

Though the cushions are the most inexpensive decorative item of the home décor, they can be high maintenance items if not selected appropriately hence making them expensive. For this reason, do not compromise on the quality and buy the best which fits your budget. The scatter cushion covers can be made of cotton or silk or linen or even velvet for that matter, it can be square or rectangular in shape or any shape which goes well with the taste of the owners. Nowadays, there are designer cushion covers with distinct graphic designs available in varied colors and easily washable with a zip facility to be discreet in terms of hygiene, along with adding a fashion statement to your rooms and home in totality.

These cushions covers are available from any fabric store. Nowadays, there are exclusive online portals for such upholsteries. In case you feel you already have cushions and just want to change with stylish covers, this can give a complete makeover to your house look. Thus, cushions can be an excellent and inexpensive way to decorate your new home.

Spice Up Your Rooms Inexpensively With Scatter Cushions

Over time many homeowners start to feel like their place could use some spicing up. Seeing the same designs and color palettes over and over can become quite boring after a while. To spruce up the place a bit many people will turn to painting their rooms a new color or buying new furniture. An inexpensive way for you to breath new life into your home is by using scatter cushions. A few well-placed cushions can completely change a room and add new dynamics and depth to your home. Here are some ways you can makeover your room by adding cushions.

Pick Colors that Complement Your Couch

If your couch came with its own set of cushions then feel free to get rid of them immediately. Nothing can make a room appear more bland than a couch with cushions that match the color of the couch. When choosing cushions go for colors that contrast with your couch. Ones that will stand out and draw your attention as soon as you walk in the door.

Play Around With the Numbers


If you are going for a more traditional style for your room than an even number of cushions is best. The easiest way to achieve that is by getting two cushions and placing them in each corner of your couch for every couch you have. If your style is more modern then you can opt for an odd number of cushions. You can even mix and match your cushions for a more engaging appearance.

Change Your Cushions With the Seasons

Since scatter cushions are pretty inexpensive they are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to change your room. Keep up with the changes in the weather by changing your cushions each season. During spring and summer you can use bright colors like yellow and orange to brighten up your room. For autumn and winter earthier tones like dark green work well to reflect what’s going on outside.

No matter what your style may be or what you’re trying to accomplish cushions are a simple solution to your decorating needs. They can brighten up a dull room or tone down a vibrant room. There are an endless amount of cushion designs and sizes available. So, have fun with all the colors, patterns, and textures you can find. And easily spruce up that home of yours while making it a reflection of your personal style.


Strong And Long-Lasting: Chenille Fabrics For Upholstering

There are a number of fabrics which are used for upholstering. The chenille fabrics are among the latest and strong contenders which are chosen nowadays by people. The fabrics are churned from a clipped yarn of cotton, silk rayon, wool, linen polyester, etc. It has a solid feel and is very durable compared to other fabrics like poly cotton and some printed fabrics. It can be used in cushion covers, curtains and many other types of upholstery to give the house a regal and luxurious charm.

The reasons for popularity

The fabric by the appearance looks much expensive than it actually is. It has a wide usage in a number of upholsteries like sofa covers to giving a bumpy finish even for bed spreads, etc. Derived from the word caterpillar this French fabric has a significant quality of looking different in different directions, also oozing a shimmering and glistening in certain direction when light seeps through it. This soft, yet strong fabric is available and sold on per meter or per yard basis. It is available in abundant colors and hues and hence blends well with the color of house.


Nowadays, people who order these fabrics for multiple upholsteries online also obtain it at discounted rates, and the home delivery is also done for free in a reasonable period of time. The choice making is also bolstered with few free samples delivered to the house so that the customers can get good idea of the touch and feel of the fabric. Some come with exclusive designs printed on them like floral, stripes, geometrical designs, nature designs, and many others which can be chosen as per the buyer’s preference.

Some distinct characteristics

The back coating of this fabrics do not work well for curtains, hence if you are looking for a curtain fabric go for a vintage one without back coating which will offer an extravagant and stunning look. Some of these fabrics can be heavy in terms of weight. People can also have a magnified look at the material on the websites of these fabric stores. These fabrics can also act like flame retardants and water repellants by nature.

Value for money proposition

Beyond royal looks, the texture and the feel are perfect offer for chairs, tables, and head boards too. Also, the maintenance measures include simple dry cleaning with specialized dry cleaners in most cases. Some of these are also handcrafted and are very strong; nowadays, mechanical methods are used with amazing prints, modern and retro. You can order few samples before you actually buy this fabric so that you get a fair idea of the thickness and the quality of the material and the durability of the stitches before you actually buy it. It will offer an amazing and pleasant ambience to your house and you will not need to change the upholstery covers for a good period of time. Also, there will be less qualms of maintenance compared to other fragile fabrics. A chenille fabric is a combination of awesome looks, budget fit and also excellent durability.

What Are The Best Materials To Use For A Bedspread?

The bedspreads are quintessential for beds in the bedroom; they offer not only a good comfort luxury but, with the designs and the prints and the material fabrics used also offer a beauty to the room. The bedspreads need to be chosen with care from the plethora of options in colors, fabrics and designs and weight are available, which can create a lot of confusion

The fabric characteristics and uses

There are many fabrics which are used for upholsteries. Many like polyester, cotton; silk, etc have multifold usages. Also, typically the bed spreads are made out of these. The fabric has a very close connection to offer a good night sleep comfort. The cushion covers which are part and parcel of the bed can also be crafted with the same material and color combination as the bed spread. In many shops, both online and brick-and-mortar based, bedspreads are normally coupled with two pillow covers in case of a small package order. Some big packages include a comforter too in addition to the items covered in the smaller packages.

  • Polyester fabrics- The bed sheets made of polyester alone are very cheap in monetary terms but are rough and stiff and also not advisable for people suffering from skin allergies. They can prefer a blend of polyester with cotton, where the percentage of cotton is higher. These are water repellent and also are harsh on the hair of the people.
  • Cotton fabric- Cotton acts as a very good fabric and preferable for warm summers. People may not be aware but this is a true fact that people perspire at night. This sweat is easily absorbed by the cool bed sheets made of cotton. Thus, people can get an undisturbed sleep not facing any exhaustion during the day due to improper sleep. There are many types of cotton fabrics; some like Egyptian cotton are expensive for being extra soft and cozy.
  • Woolen or flannel fabric- The winter tantrums increase if you shiver the whole night due to cotton or colder bed sheets which make you uncomfortable and uneasy. Hence, there are woolen or flannel bed sheets which are perfect for the chilly nights.
  • Chenille fabrics- This very popular fabric used for a number of upholstery. It is also very durable and lends a royal touch and feel to your bed. The bed sheets of different hues and colors are available in this material.
  • Silk fabric- The bed covers can be changed as per occasion. A newlywed couple can prefer silky, velvety bed sheets to spend a romantic night. Also, since it is smooth, it also is totally soft on the hair. It does not retain moisture and hence repels bacteria growth too.

Thus, these are some best materials which are suggestible for your bed sheets. While buying a bed sheet, the size is the main criteria to be taken care of. A double bed or single bed will require the appropriate size. Comfort and budget fit are the two main things to consider.

Five Great Home Crafting Ideas

Home decoration is a tedious task. However, making a new home is the best thing one would love to do. Hence, it is necessary to pick smartly some beautiful items, which will easily fit into the budget. Some items can be hand crafted too, like the beautiful candles, handmade showpieces with shimmer paints, etc. Hence, people must look for items which match their taste and also blend well with furniture, paints, etc. of the home. Various upholsteries can reflect as good means of decoration apart from many other decorative items. There are a number of lucky charms like glass tortoise, ceramic horses which can be used as decorative items too.

Wall papers

Buying a costly painting frame can be a costly affair. It will merely adorn one wall of your house. Rich people without any monetary budget can try this eclectic means of decoration. The wall papers on the other hand can be the best for people with budgetary concerns and it can look really beautiful and give a charm to your house. Choose designs which gel well with the house theme.


Decorative pillows– The most inexpensive way to add color and elegance to your house are with the help of colorful scatter pillows of different sizes and shapes. The scatter cushions make the house look warm and cozy. The cushions on the sofa on the chairs, on the bed can come in different fabrics from linen to the velvet, silk and variety of them and can give a classy appeal and also a casual touch to the house. There are certain materials like chenille fabrics which can also be used in these pillows along with the upholstering of the sofas, bed sheets, curtains, etc.

Framed mirror pieces

A mirror is not only important and basic need in a home; but, it can also be stylized in a unique way to look beautiful. The glass mirrors can be enveloped in different designer frames. The shape of the glass can be round too and can have beautiful lights on it. Nowadays, there are varieties available even in the light bulbs and lighting décor items which can be splurged all around the house, even on the chandeliers if any. You can have 3-4 round mirrors stacked on a wall in a glamorous arrangement.

Curtains and soft bean bags

The curtains look adorable in vintage designs. The soft materials also give a good texture to it. Hence, when buying curtains and such upholsteries, one must take care to check the material. The bean bags are another way of adding a casual look and charm to your house. Usually, guests love to splurge on a bean bag as it is soft.

The vases and glassware

The flower power can never be questioned. Whether natural flowers or artificial, depending on the choice of the owner, they can mesmerize the ambience of the home. The flowers need to be placed in beautiful vases to look exemplary. These vases can adorn your dining table or your bedroom table and just look eclectic.

Do It Yourself Decorating Doesn’t Have To Be A Disaster

Decorating a home requires a lot of planning and budgeting. It also demands a visualization and imagination to decide on the items to buy, how to arrange it to beautify the house. Decorating process can include painting your house, installing ideal furniture’s and also upholsteries of matching colors and hues as also affixing tiles. There needs to be a very sharp focus on the quality as well as the quantity of the wood used for the furniture, fabric used for upholstery, etc. If you think you have the time, patience and creativity to do this job, you can avoid any kind of big decorating disaster from taking place. Don’t let the do-it-yourself decorating fail and become a costly affair.

Learning lessons from common disasters

Faltering in painting, wrong color choices, or bad color combinations which look vague can have direct impact on the beauty. Also, applying paints is even bigger dilemma; you can fall while applying or apply it unprofessionally. Trying new techniques of application can also backfire by giving the room an awful look and ambiance. Buying furniture’s of faulty materials and wrong fabrics can be a big issue as it is loaded with lot of cost. The upholsterers like curtains, bed spreads, cushion covers, etc also make a huge difference in the home decor. Hence, slight carelessness in terms of choice making can ruin the whole idea of decorating home on your own. Also, some people over stuff with lot of furniture which looks really chaotic and doesn’t make the home stay comfortable. Some are very miserly and use less furniture’s and upholstery which also look very cheap. Whole idea is to stylize and makeover the home décor with elegance. Nowadays, there are ready made doors and window shades available which can be used. Also take care to take estimates for handmade and ready made furniture’s.

Easy upholstering ideas


Upholstering is an inexpensive affair. It can also reduce the expenses one makes on furniture. For example, a bean bag can shed a soft and casual look to your living room and also reduce the budget of buying an extra chair apart from your sofa. Instead of buying new sofas, you can change or makeover old sofas with the help of upholstering fabrics. Make sure you take the right measurements and buy fabric in the right quantity as the fabric is charged per meter in most cases. In the same way, these same material fabrics, be it the top class and durable chenille fabrics or the velvet ones, the vintage look or the modern look can also be used on the chairs, the curtains, etc, and to have a common theme based association all over the house. Look into the weave quality and texture beforehand by asking for samples of the fabric.

The do it yourself decorating saves a lot of labor cost. It cannot be a disaster unless you take care of minute details and can confidently drive with the selection process. This will also help save on the interior designers cost.